Corporate History and Overview

Autronica is a security solution service driven company that adheres to a strict code of conduct, that is dedicated to our clients safety and the safeguarding of our clients assets. using the latest security techno logies to provide practical, effective solutions for commercial and residential security applications.

The company is a privately owned corporation with its head office based in Upington, Northern Cape. Over the years Autronica has been meticulously incorporating the latest in security syst ems and security protocols to ensure the effective operational deployment to minimize loss and damage to property and assets, we also developed operational procedures that counter and combat crime in our community effectively.

Today, Autronica is established in security the market niches and our focus as always t o enhance security.

Being an innovative and technology-savvy security organization, we strive to assist our clients with everyday security protocols and effective se curity planning to minimize risk    fa ctors in the work environment. Autronica is continually working to improve existing products and services and to introduce new ones to satisfy SMB needs, thus our team is constantly researching new ways to improve on our service protocols, product delivery and concept security planning to ensure that our clients expectations a re met.

Autronica has a dedicated team of well trained individuals that is able to assess the situation, react immediately and procure a positive outcome. Specialists in the field of safeguarding our teams are constantly reevaluated to ensure that they adhere to our st rict code of conduct. You can rest assured that we are dedicated to deliver service beyond your expectation.

Our Vision

To be thee pre-eminent security service pro vider within our service industry and be the preferred pa rtner to business in

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with centric security solutions that are affo rdable and effective.

Also providing an essential range of Smart Security Solutions, we aspire to be renowned for our capacity to assist our cust omers in combating crime, damage to property ad in general loss of income.

Our Business Model

Autronica Implements and supports its products and services by only utilizing reputable suppliers o f the highest quality security equipment and technology.

Autronica has adopted a customer relationship management approa ch were each client’s needs is evaluated on an individual level, ensuring that the optimum resolve can be met. This approach also ensures services rendered will comply with our client’s security demands and to at any time be reevaluated to ensure that new demands can be met without altering the basic service protocols.


Autronica is a well established company that embraces all the principles of transformation and to show our commitments we have formulated a transformation agenda that will be driven hard as a business imperative.

Autronica remains committed to genuine broad based transfo rmation across all aspects of the Department of Trade and Indust ry’s Codes of Good Practice.

Autronica will drive focus on a number of these areas in the year under review, notably, employment equity, where the black staff complement will be gradually increased in relation to business growth from current 50% to 60% and skills development spend which will be increased threefold.


Suitably qualified black candidates will be given first preference for all employment vacancies within Autronica.


Black employees with potential will be placed on an accelerated training in order to acquire the skills for the next promotional level once potential candidates are identified for promotional opportunities.


The group encourages effective employer/employee communication with the objective of the early identification and resolution of potential areas of conflict. The legislative requirements for expanded worker participation have been accommodated within the existing structures.

Skills development

Autronica is committed to providing optimum opportunities for all employees to develop their skills and ensure that they have up-to-date knowledge and expertise to flourish in their chosen careers.  We will endeavor to improve our skills that cover many different disciplines from both a technical and business perspective.  This is in addition to existing mentorship program’s and the specific skills training, which enables employees to stay up to dat e with the latest software and hardware technology developments.

We actively encourage our employees and client employees to obtain short causes certification and tertiary qualifications appropriate to the business.  We also plan to register with the relevent SETA body in order to adhere to the skill development legislation.


Were required to source supplies and/ outsource some of our wo rk, we will endeavor always give preferential treatment to HDI’s and create opportunities to deserving black- owned businesses.


In its journey to pre-eminence Autronica management will remain focused and open minded to investment opportunities that can enhance its business growth and market sustainability.


Autronica is not sales o rientated business but a solution orientated service pro vider tha t possesses the necessary skill, capability, capacity, e xperience and competency to create, deploy and execute solutions.

Autronica has a wide integrated service solutions, customer value propo sition that seeks to add value to any business client we service. Below is an overview of our service solution value proposition

Core Focus Services

Guarding. 24 Hour Services Patrolling

Cash in transit

Special event Security

VIP esc orts Armed Response

Installation and monitoring o f CCTV cameras

Armed Response

Armed response plays a foundation role in our services matrix; our personnel are fully equipped and professionally trained to assess any situation, react instantly and are in constant communication with our operationa l call centre.

24 Hour Guarding

Our team of guards is meticulously selected and placed to ensure total awareness of the  jo b at hand, our guards is also fully backed up by our call centre should any situation arise on duty. All our guards needs to adhere to our strict code of conduct and will be friendly, helpful and diligent with the task at hand.

Cash in Transit

Our Transit personnel is fully trained to instantly react to any situation with the emphasis on public safety, client safety and route protocols we strive to deliver our transit fast and reliable.

Social Events Coordination

We provide security planning and consulting to safeguard any event; our operation personnel will compliment your event and ensure that situation is dealt with professionalism.

VIP Escorts

Specialist training is core to our VIP Escorts Personnel to swiftly assess and react to any danger and unwanted situations; we provide close protection security to Celebrities and Heads of State

CCTV and Alarm Installation

Over the year we have partnered with the most reputable suppliers of security equipment in South Africa to ensure the protection and sa fety of our clients. Backed up by a our fully opera tion call centre we strive to combat crime and effectively resolve unwanted situations.

Why Parnter with Autronica

  • Unique Value for Our Pros pective Clients
  • Expertise & Stability
  • Powerhouse Solutions
  • High-level Standards
  • Stability
  • Knowledge
  • Skill
  • Experience


  • Performance
  • Flexibility
  • Expandability
  • Reliability
  • Options and Functionality

Customer Service

  • Accountable & Responsible Service
  • 24/7 Support & Advise
  • Client Input
  • 24/7 Accessibility
  • Value for money
  • Technical Support